leather work

Utilities: General items and tools

Plain leather and fabric undergo a series of manufacturing processes before they are converted into usable items of daily needs. The process, besides skills and expertise, requires various tools and techniques. AMT, being one-stop solution for all kinds of leather and leather products, also supplies relevant tools and accessories required in the process of stitching, pasting, embroidery and perforation.

  • Heat Resistance Adhesive


    Heat Resistance Adhesiv / Glue remover / Grees remover Suitable for Automotive / upholstery and general purpose.


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Our tools and accessories are highly durable, excellent in quality and easy to operate.

We provide a range of such items. Some of the most important items that we supply under this section are: Hog Ring, Hog Ring Plier, Adhesive, Tailor Scissor, Curved Needle, Non-woven fabric.

Since we never compromise on quality, all the tools and accessories that we provide are of very high quality, manufactured by the world’s trusted brands.