Suede Fabric

Perforation of leather is the cutting of holes at the surface where leather is punched out and set out. Perforations are almost exclusively used for vehicle upholstery. For leather furniture, perforations are unusual.

Embroidery on suede fabric


100% Polyester
Bonded with 4 mm foam or as per request
130 gsm
150 cm
Shrink resistant
30 M/Roll packing
Automotive and Furniture
Sponge or Fleece
Plain, Dot and Embroidery

For shoes, bags and clothing, perforation leather for automotive and shoes is used for decorative reasons. Even for shoes, perforation is somewhat important, as non- perforated leather will be very smooth & delicate. This perforation will increase the age of leather & hence of shoes. A perforation on shoes leather is the cutting of holes into the surface at regular intervals. Through the perforation, little leather pieces are punched out and removed.

Females run over the Stunning designs of perforation on ladies bag. The spectacular cravings over these bags attract the customers. Perforation on ladies bag trend has been out there for a couple of years now but it reappears most specifically every spring/summer. Generally people prefer leather & that too with some carvings on it, be it for gifting purpose or for personal use. Being a shoes leather supplier we produce leather in various firmness, texture and thickness for footwear application as in shoes, work, cow boy boots and chap. The perforated leather shoes are accessible in affordable price that fits in with the needs of the viewer. Leather perforation for shoes and bags leads to produce amazing laser cut shoes and bags. They have a perceptible lightness perfect for the hot days of summer and they work well as we start to believe of how we will eventually transition into early fall. Big brand accessories blow up the eyes of customers making them irresistible to gaze these perforated shoes and bags.