TPLUS is a %100 continuous filament texturised polyester sewing thread. Texturised filaments give the softness to the yarn and provides the comfort especially in the all types seams which are next to skin.

TPLUS Sewing thread

Basic Uses

  1. 1
    Sports and casual clothing
  2. 2
    Home textiles
  3. 3
    Mattress and quilting
  4. 4
    Under thread for mattress
  5. 5
    Baby Clothes

TPLUS is used as functional under thread for mattress and quilting.

The main reasons to prefer TPLUS:

  1. Ideal sewing thread for mattress and quilting.
  2. Smooth and comfortable seams with its soft structure which provides high coverage.
  3. Color fastness values that provides reliable performance even under the most difficult washing conditions.
  4. Low tensile features prevent shrinkage after washing.