PVC Embossed and Nappa artificial leather

Artificial leather, being man-made, is a versatile material; it can be found in a wide range of colours, finishes and patterns.

Multicolor PVC embossed artificial leather


Weight (GSM)
560 g, +/- 5%
1.0 mm
137 cm
Knitted fabric
Breaking strength (kg/5cm)
WARP: 20.5, WEFT: 13.2
Elongation (%)
WARP: 45, WEFT: 180
Tearing strength (N)
WARP: 2, WEFT: 1.4
Peeling strength(kg/5 cm)
WARP: 2.40, WEFT: 2.0
Martindale abrasion test
No Damage 30,000 cycles

Artificial leather, also called imitation leather, is a synthetic material developed as a substitute for genuine leather. To meet the ever-increasing demand for natural leather, artificial leather has come a long way providing a handy alternative. It is considered to be a worthwhile material for auto interior, sofa and furniture, upholstery, clothing, footwear and other uses wherein a leather-like finish is desired at an affordable price.

Artificial leather is widely admired for being able to retain its original visual appeal for a long period of time.

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