Embroidery and Perforation

Embroidery is basically a decorative stitching technique employed to enhance aesthetic appearance of the material it is done on. If carried out with creative design and with proper tools and techniques, embroidered goods make a distinctive visual impact.

Embroidery and Perforation on leather


On Artificial leather/ Genuine leather/ Fabric
Customized stitching design and built
With or without foam backing + non-woven fabric
Working size
890 mm x 640 mm
Style and Color
Car Seat, Furniture, sofa, etc.
Place of Origin

Leather perforation, on the other hand, is achieved by creating holes in a regular pattern on the leather surface. Perforation finds a wide range of uses. It is increasingly used in vehicle upholstery, shoes, bags and clothing. Garments and shoes normally use this type of leather because of the added design it provides. When it comes to car and furniture upholstery, it is used to gain more ventilation, and, thus, more comfort.

Embroidery and perforation these days have become an expression of one’s distinctive taste. AMT offers a wide range of high-quality embroidered and perforated leather, with varying patterns and designs. Clients doing business with us get the opportunity to make their leather articles not just world-class, but also to personalize them in accordance with their own personal tastes. We are able to achieve all this because AMT’s Embroidery and Perforation unit is powered by skilled technicians, who are well-versed with the relevant skills, as well as the tools and techniques.