Al Makhraj's Perforation, stitching and embroidery

Perforation, stitching and embroidery on Leather/Fabric for Automotive interiors, furniture, decorations and garment

Perforation/ embroidery and stitching is a combination of three finishes those are being made on leathers and fabric which beautifies the car seat covers, shoes, garment or furniture. Through this, little leather pieces are punched out and removed.

The Authenticity of holes / stitching and embroidery is visible when we find people running over these stunning design of footwear or they use latest beautiful design logo, perforation or embroidery for their furniture / Automotive / bags or for wall decorations. Our fully computerized machine is loaded with latest software which makes easier to design them up to customer demand and satisfaction.

Car leather is provided with a covering and protective color layer so that it meets the required characteristics like (stain resistance, abrasion resistance, UV resistance, etc.). The drawback of surface colorations is the reduced breathability of the leather. So, car seats are often perforated in the contact areas. For shoes, bags and clothing, perforation is mainly used for decorative purposes. When embroidering on leather, it helps to operate with a simple pattern. The fewer holes you have to create for stitching, the easier it is.