Al Makhraj's PVC leather

Make the perfect choice of obtaining Genuine, Artificial & Micro Fiber Leather from AL MAKHRAJ TR.

The features of leather are different and they vary from each other due to the type and quality of each of them and the tanning process. It has been said that premium quality leather made product just improves with time. But to get the good quality, you must make sure that the leather that you buy is authentic and made by a trusted company. There are various uses of leather and people use it to make various kinds of commodities which include clothing, shoes, hats, jackets, skirts, trousers, belts, bookbinding, leather wallpaper and as a furniture covering. Leather is produced in various varieties and it has a lot of types and styles, which is decorated by multiple or different techniques. Different kinds of leather are used at different situations for suiting different purposes and the use will depend on for what function they are used. Here is one such UAE leather supplier company which will help you in getting the best quality leather.

AL MAKHRAJ TR. has an outstanding leather quality, with a lot of creative designs of leather and innovative technology to make such kind. Due to its extraordinary quality, this company is one of the most prestigious leather distributors in UAE. The leather supplied by this company is used by interior designers, vehicle manufacturers, hotel decorators etc. The company has come into existence since 2008 and caters aesthetic upholstery material. We all know that from all kind of upholsteries, leather is the one which is long lasting material and popular for its rich texture and long-lasting finish. The kind of leather which is offered by AL MAKHRAJ TR. is of very high quality. This is the reason behind why all the customers from Middle East, Russia and Africa so much fond of the world-class leather sold by them. They aim at giving complete customer satisfaction through their all-inclusive customer service.

The sales representatives who are available at the shops of the company are highly professional and best at serving their clients, even if it involves guiding them to the appropriate product according to their needs. These representatives not only provide assistance in the product selection but they offer the services which involve calculating the footage area and taking a tour to the place before they suggest the right product. These sales houses are equipped with the facility to offer information such as product catalogue, specifications and pricing to all of their potential clients. Genuine Leathers are being sold as/ S Mtr while Artificial leathers which has 1.42 mtr width are being sold/ LM. Incase of Artificial leather or Fibre leather the roll sizes may vary between 20 mtr to 30 mtr as per client convenient. 32 Colors are already available but Client requirement can be met incase they need any special color but in this case order must be 200 S Mtr for Genuine leather and 500 Mtr incase of PVC or Artificial leather.