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Leather footwear is an item generally provides comfort to the wearer. Leather shoe designs are a symbol for an icon, depending timely from culture to culture. Leather used in shoe should be durable and flexible which is made up of material created by tanning the skin of animals. The design of these leather shoes varies widely in style & price. The shoes of various designs & colors are best suited for the wearer which is considered as light- weighted.

Leather is sometimes oiled to improve its resistance for water. The quality of genuine leather footwear depends on its firmness, texture, thickness & its resistibility. Leather needs more protection & proofing than the shoes made of another material. The range of leather depends on inflation time, generally dependable on the quality of leather plus the time needed to create the stuff.

Besides the time, the manufacturing of leather shoes requires a lot of efforts for its preparation. Leather is a form created by degraded animal skin obtained through various processing. The leather shoes are prepared to provide protection and prevention from external injuries.

The leather (Raw or designed) is supplied to various parts of world, after going through some major processes. It is prepared accordingly depending on climatic conditions & physical environmental hazards.

These leather shoes are also worn as safety equipment for the wearer, this is the reason its demand is increasing & is coming more in trend. The suppliers trade for men’s & women’s leather footwear worldwide. The leather is further categorized, if the leather of a footwear peels off, that signifies its category as a synthetic material or artificial leather but not an original leather. Good quality leather will never peel off but can dry out sometimes.

After seeing the genuine leather, one could not stay apart to purchase the shoes. The howling & outstanding stock can be available in an optimum amount, good variety & also in high quality. For customers, leather shoes can be browsed and purchased online as well as offline. These trendy leather shoes are easily accessible in the markets, earning a good profit not only to the seller but also to buyers.