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Genuine Leather and Shoes Leather Supplier

Leather footwear is an item generally provides comfort to the wearer. Leather shoe designs are a symbol for an icon, depending timely from culture to culture. Leather used in shoe should be durable and flexible which is made up of material created by tanning the skin of animals. The design of these leather shoes varies widely in style & price. The shoes of various designs & colors are best suited for the wearer which is considered as light- weighted. {Read More..}

Perforation / stitching and embroidery on Leather/ Fabric for Automotive interiors , furniture , decorations and garment

Perforation/ embroidery and stitching is a combination of three finishes those are being made on leathers and fabric which beautifies the car seat covers, shoes, garment or furniture. Through this, little leather pieces are punched out and removed.The Authenticity of holes / stitching and embroidery is visible when we find people running over these stunning design of footwear or they use latest beautiful design logo, perforation or embroidery for their furniture / Automotive / bags or for wall decorations. {Read More..}


For most car lovers their prized possessions (cars) are no less than their babies, therefore they take care superb care and leave no stone unturned to make their cars look and feel the best. Professionally designed or manufactured leather upholstery can elevate the style or comfort quotient of one’s car by leaps and bounds. Leather seats are one of the most eye-appealing features that most car lovers prefer to have. They very well know how and why having leather seats could upgrade the value of their car. {Read More..}

Get Genuine Leather from Best Leather Distributors In UAE

Leather is too much in demand these days by various manufacturers of clothes, shoes, belts, bags, car seats, interior designers etc. But to ensure that you get the genuine leather in such high demand, you must reach to the best company and get the premium material. AL MAKHRAJ TR. owns exceptional quality leather with a considerable measure of creative plans and innovative technology to make such kind. Because of its matchless quality, this organization is a standout amongst the most prestigious leather merchants in UAE. The leather provided by this organization is utilized by interior planners, vehicle makers, inn decorators and so on. The organization was founded in 2008 and since then, it has providing premium upholstery material. {Read More..}

Know why you should opt for genuine upholstered leather furniture

Leather in itself speaks volumes about your class and taste you have. There are several reasons as to why you should invest in genuine upholstered leather furniture from a Genuine Leather Supplier. Read below to know more:
It has a longer shelf life and outlasts other upholstery materials
A genuine upholstered leather sofa can last for ages to come if cared properly. Certainly, you ought to shell off the high price but you should consider it outlasts than several of its faux leather counterparts. {Read More..}

Make the perfect choice of obtaining Genuine, Artificial & Micro Fiber Leather from AB International FZE

The features of leather are different and they vary from each other due to the type and quality of each of them and the tanning process. It has been said that premium quality leather made product just improves with time.But to get the good quality, you must make sure that the leather that you buy is authentic and made by a trusted company.There are various uses of leather and people use it to make various kinds of commodities which include clothing, shoes, hats, jackets, skirts, trousers, belts, bookbinding, leather wallpaper and as a furniture covering. {Read More..}