Al Makhraj leather processing unit

About us

Welcome to the home of AL MAKHRAJ treader!

In the summer of 2008, AL MAKHRAJ Tr. (AMT) made a humble beginning with the vision of furnishing life with quality leather. Since then, it has been growing, from strength to strength, to emerge as one of the leading traders of premium leather in and around the UAE.

Within a short span of time, AMT has built a reputation of distinction for itself. Paving our way with heart and strength, we take great pride in the quality of leather that we process and supply to the market. However, this did not come easy. It has been made possible by seamless integration of innovative ideas and commercial processes, as also by the merger of hearts of employees, partners and customers. We are proud of the fact that we are a leading distributor of premium leather in the entire gulf region, with growing footprints on the world market. Adopting ethical business practices, we have garnered a rich clientele in the international markets.

Over the years, AL MAKHRAJ Tr. has emerged as a preferred choice, particularly among furniture manufacturers, automobile companies and interior designers, for natural as well as artificial leather, including PVC, PU and microfiber. The other areas we excel in are Embroidery and Perforation work, which we do on various leather articles to embellish them with wanted design and desired comfort. For being durable, rich texture and long-lasting finish, leather is considered to be the most suitable material for upholstery purposes. As we provide leather that is synonymous with durability and comfort, AMT is increasingly becoming a preferred choice in the leather market of Middle East, Russia and Africa.

We are backed by a team of diligent professionals and skilled craftsmen, who are well-versed with all aspects of leather industry. They understand market demands and consumer needs quite well. Thus, play a key role in driving our company forward.

Customer satisfaction is a vital component of our trading. To achieve the same, AMT offers an all-inclusive service which allows discerning customers to personalise their products in accordance with their own taste. Our representatives not only assist in product selection, but also in conducting assessment (with respect to suitability of product, quantity required, etc.) for individual projects.

Backed by consumer insights, we strive hard to meet the changing market needs. Our employee base and visionary leadership provide the company the needed direction and motivation to achieve the goal of becoming the largest and the best leather trading company in the gulf, with a significant presence in the global trading market.

At AMT we have brought together skills and technology to function optimally and coherently, adhering strictly to the standards of quality that we provide. All these have made AMT emerge as a sought-after name for a diverse range of leather products.

With strong and win-win relationships with suppliers and customers, we are committed to providing excellent quality leather in the most consumer-friendly way possible.