Automotive and Furniture Leather

We are effectively managed to rank as top automotive leather supplier in Oman, Saudia and UAE as our automotive ranges are fully recognized and high-performance leathers and are regularly used by top car manufacturers of Oman, Saudia and UAE. In UAE Leather, automotive and furniture leather can find exhibits including sofa leather, decorative leather, car seat cover material and car upholstery leather for the automotive and furniture. Automotive cow leather in UAE, Oman and Saudia is used for soles and uppers of shoes, for car seats and furniture upholstery, belts and straps, saddles, leather clothing and much more.

The leather used is preserved & tested thoroughly. The design & comfort of leather is appreciated for the use in cars as well as for furniture. The stuff is durable & long lasting which is meant to use for long time. It's authenticity is clearly visible through its versatile look, satisfying our old & new clients/ customers. The leather gives a luxurious look not only to your home but from your shoes to car seats & even your wardrobe. Cow leather is prepared by the raw skin of cow after a certain processes making its texture soft & is less susceptible to odour and moulting, making it last longer. The shoes, belts & other clothing made up of leather are in call by majority of people, presenting one’s personality on a high look. Some leathers are water & dirt resistant. Various big brands demand for the same product majorly due to its royal looks.

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