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With its amazing leather quality, creative design and innovative technology, AL MAKHRAJ TR. has emerged as a preferred choice among furniture manufacturers, automobile companies and interior designers, for natural as well as artificial leather, including PVC, PU and microfiber.

  • Nappa Red genuine leather

    Nappa Genuine Leather

    1.0 to 1.2mm
    Available in different colors
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    4.8 and above

    Explore seasoned Nappa red genuine leather for making super robust and stylish genuine leather products.

  • Velvet fabric

    Velvet Fabric

    1.0 to 1.2mm
    Available in different colors
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    4.0 and above

    Explore seasoned Leathers for making super robust and stylish cards.

  • Suede Fabric

    Suede Fabric

    1.0 to 1.2mm
    Available in different colors
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    4.0 and above

    Explore our range of plain or embroidered suede fabric for making super robust and stylish furniture.

  • Polyart Sewing Threads for automotive leather stitching

    Polyart Sewing Threads

    Bobbin Type (BT)
    Core 60 and 61
    Thermal Features
    Melting point 250°C, Shrinkage less than 1% at 150°C
    Chemical Features
    Shrink resistant

    Polyart is a high quality polyester core spun(poly-poly) sewing thread.



Since 2008, AL MAKHRAJ TR. has been providing leather that is synonymous with durability and comfort. At AMT we have brought together skills and technology to function optimally and coherently, helping us emerge as a sought-after name for a diverse range of world-class leather products. This is the reason why customers from all over Middle East, Russia and Africa widely use the leather offered by us.

  1. Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

    We provide a superior customer experience with our quality products and pleasant services. The goal of customer satisfaction is achieved by laying particular emphasis on quality, innovation and cost-effectiveness.

  2. On-time Delivery

    We take utmost care to deliver your goods on time. For us, it is as important an aspect as maintaining quality. Since we keep deadlines, we have placed in our system an efficient delivery process.

  3. Quality with Variety

    Quality is an integral part of our business principles. We offer a wide range of high quality products, which are tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements.

  4. On-Demand Customizations

    AMT offers an all-inclusive service which allows our discerning customers to personalize their products in accordance with their own taste.

  5. Integrity and Accountability

    We are committed to operate within the framework of the ideals of integrity and accountability, both internally with each other and externally with clients and customers.

  6. Customer Support

    Our trained professionals and skilled craftsmen, who are well-versed with leather industry, provide timely support to customer.

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